Professional Indemnity

Venture Insurance Directors, Ian Burgess & Danny Shore have spent 25 years each as specialists in Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We are here to help firms to

Identify Risk - Alongside the traditional 'Professions' such as Accountants, Architects/Engineers & Surveyors, many new and diverse businesses are exposed to PI losses. Claism can arise for any business when it is alleged you have been negligent in the course of providing a service.  These allegations can arise, even when no fee has been charged for the service.  We can help you idenity areas of your business that could attract such allegations, including your contractual obligations and how insurance could help you meet your obligations under contract.

Apply for cover - We will offer guiadance on ensuring full disclosure with sufficient details to ensure Insurers rate premiums on each individual firms need to the generic needs of their profession/trade.  We can assist with seeking the right levels of cover and self insured excess.


Choose the right Cover - We can identify the sometimes subtle but important differences in coverage available and effectively offer bespoke solutions to manage risks faced by any firm.

Notify, manage & settle claims - Our dedicated PI claims handler will guide you through the notification and management of PI claims from spurios 'try-ons' to legitimate claims from clients with whom you have an ongoing relationship - careful and skilful claims management can be the difference between keeping and losing a client.