Policy Choice

Where to start?

You may have many years of experience insuring your business or this all may be new to you.  Your business faces many risks and there are many policy types available to protect you. We will guide you through selecting best choices for your business.  

Insurers offer packages designed specifically for certain types of businesses.  These offer covers relevant to that business and can be a reasonable and effective way of covering every angle from insuring stock, to money to the all-important Public and Employers Liability cover.  However, often a business needs something more bespoke, thats is where a business combined policy can work, building up all the sections and endorsements alongside other more specific covers, tailored to the needs of the business.  

Click on the links below for further information on some of the policy types available.         


Protect your business against electronic crime, data protection claims, data losses and more

Protection against allegations of negligence in the course of providing a service

Policies to insure Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes & Hotels

Insurance for vans, haulage vehicles, fleets and more

Cover for any building you own as a landlord

Cover for tradespeople and contractors

A package of covers to suit all retailers from high street to online

A package of essential covers for Office based businesses or for Surgeries

A flexible policy including various heads of cover, built around your business