Buying the correct commercial vehicle insurance for your business is essential.  There are a few major factors about how you are using your vehicle to consider.
We will help you establish the correct basis of cover to ensure you are safe and legal to go about your business.

Single Commercial Vehicle Cover

- Who needs to be able to drive? Range of driving options available
- What are you using it for? Discuss your trade with us
- Where do plan to keep it overnight?  Your business address may not be the overnight address
- Are you prepared to pay an additional excess to reduce your premium?
- Is your vehicle non standard? Cover available for a range of body types including: Ice Cream Vans and Hot Food Dispensing vehicles

No matter what the vehicle is, ask us.

Minifleet Policies

Do you have 3 vehicles or more? A Mini-fleet policy can be a flexible and efficient way of insuring multi vehicles

- 1 renewal date and premium for your vehicles
- Ability to add and remove vehicles with ease throughout the year
- Select by vehicle either Fully Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only cover.
- Policies can cater for a wide range of vehicle types including private cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, special
types and agricultural vehicles
- Legal Services and Advice is available
- Optional Breakdown cover, subject to vehicle type, can be added to the policy.
- Insurer guarantees of bodywork repairs carried out

Interested in additional benefits or have a large fleet of vehicles?  Let us know and we can help.


Haulage Vehicle Cover

If you own a small haulage business?  We can place cover for you

- Does your truck have manufacturers fitted alarm system? If so this can save you money
- Would you like to restrict the driver cover to named drivers or have the flexibility of any driver over 25?
- Where is the vehicle kept overnight? Remember your operators licence needs to be registered to the same address
- Require Goods in Transit and Liability cover?  We can also arrange this in a package policy specifically for small hauliers