Cyber insurance policies can protect your balance sheet against the impact of catastrophic system failures and major security breaches. Designed for all sizes of businesses - from small start ups to large multinational companies - exposures are real and growing all the time.

Key Areas to consider are

Crime - Vishing & Phishing

We all understand traditional crime but cyber crime is now just as prevalent. Theft of electronic funds, theft of data and damage to digital assets can result in significant losses and perpetrators often use sophisticated and convincing methods, making this a real risk for us all.

Technology Supply Chain Failure

Modern business often have complex supply chains which you reply upon.  If a third party service provider such as your data storage facility or online bank fails, this can have a severe knock on effect on your business. As your supplier systems are beyond your control, you are unlikley to be able to prevent an incident from happening but you can protect your business from the potential consequences.

Ever Growing Threat

Policies can protect you against true operational IT risks including a wide range of events from software bugs and botched upgrades to cyber terrorism and malware infections.

System Repair Costs

Policies can offer cover for costs associated with reconfiguring and rebuilding systems and networks after a system failure or corruption, including staff overtime costs and external specialist consultants.

Data Protection and Contractual Liability

Almost every contract you sign includes warranties and indemnities in relation to a breach of confidentiality, from merchant service agreements through to non-disclosure agreements.