About You

What is an SME?

 An SME ‘A Small to Medium size enterprise’ is an independently owned and run organisation. A Small business is classed as such because it would employ between 1 - 50 people. Your SME may seem small in stature in comparison to large firms but together you make up a formidable proportion of the UK economy. 


There are 4.6million SMES in the UK
74.1% of SMES are one-man bands
SMES represent 99% of all enterprises in the UK
And account of 59% of all UK private sector employment
So, your business is pretty important not only to you but to all of us, and we are here to help you protect it. 

Life as an SME  

We know that life as an SME is full of ups and down. It can be both exciting and scary living the dream of being your own boss and developing your ideas into a thriving business.


Time pressures –You may well carry out multiple roles within your business, running the operation as well as juggling your personal life

Uncertainty – Sleepless nights can be common, especially in the early days. Cashflow challenges, changes to legislation, loosing suppliers, the weather…being fearful of the future is natural 

Change- Uncertainty and change go hand in hand. Planning can be difficult, business plans hard to write and even more challenging to stick to! 

Service is everything-What you may lack in size you make up in service. Your ability to tailor your service to your customers or clients, you provide the best ad expect the same from your suppliers and service providers.